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Hi Good morning. Thank you for your invites. I am a cancer Patient and having had major surgery for the 3 time I'm not really able to help. However as a driver I believe it would be beneficial to put concrete posts and the top of Padnall rd on the bend into Rose Lane as if is a blind spot. Also why can't the Cars parked use tge Grass Area making the Rds safer for those who swing their doors open onto on coming Traffic. I have a car parked blocking access to my drive, which I pay for yet my neihbours has a car patked across a kerb on his land which ge has not paid for. Blocking my drive.2 I live at 99 also prevents cats from pulling in to allow cars to pass as well as nsking it difficult for me to get in and out if my drive. It is in fact illegal to block a drive. Elayne
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