Bristol messages

MLP Create the pony shrine

MLP Put them in here

MLP Put them in an exhibition

MLP Make them into Pat Butcher earrings

MLP Drip them out of a plane....

MLP Drown in them

MLP Fake a plastic meltdown

MLP We build a house out of them.

MLP Skinny and bony. Lovely!

MLP I'd melt them

MLP Make them slaves

MLP Id hold a pony off for breeding purposes

MLP Bring them here

MLP Make a swimming pool

MLP Operation: Confuse Stable Owners. Ship the UK's entire horse population over to France and replace each one with a My Little Pony.

MLP Make a pleasing scenario for five year old girls

MLP Araldite. Lots of Araldite. A re-creation of each of the seven wonders of the world in My Little Pony form, all glued together.

MLP I stood there looking at it and thought they'd be crazy if I used them as pebble dash.

MLP I'd like to see them snack in each other when starvation sets in after a hideous accident

MLP Led lights big My little ponies fairy lights again

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