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Thumbprint City Contact Using thumbprint for our conference. Could we have a map for M5 $BR and our question hasn't gone out yet. Is there a time delay?

100 Test message

Thumbprint City Contact Hi - having prob with sending msgs. I can sent msg to one mailing list but another? Pls help. Thanks

Thumbprint City Contact HI cud do with askin a few questions about tpc? Not fully certain about the web site info. Can we ave a chat? Stef

Foodscapes Not a lot! Banana, cereal, yoghurt and a cheeky chocolate bar...

Thumbprint City Contact Ordsall here. We seem to have run out of credit on our page. We want to get started on a new Salford project. Can you help? Mike Scantlebury

Thumbprint City Contact Andrew - Ordsall here. We need more credit to send out some new Salford messages. Can you help our new project?

PHPness New group test

Apples and Snakes On monday i ate too much sweet potato, on tuesday it made my wee quite yellow

Apples and Snakes - there once was a lady from China who got a broomstick stuck up her vagina

Apples and Snakes (can't forget em) Interred the life we had there, new everything, inter-continental mind-share

Apples and Snakes Is it a bird, is it a plane? No, it's Dan Dan the doo doo stain!

Apples and Snakes On the tube, finally resting my bum, only to realize I picked a seat with gum.

Apples and Snakes I went to Goa to find myself but I lost a contact lens and 7 lbs :)

Apples and Snakes Today I heard drop it like it's hot, but fuck its not.

Apples and Snakes Neil said summer is a bummer but it's ok coz British beef is fine. True by john selwyn gummer

Apples and Snakes First week of work,chaperoning rabbis,Dancing Jaws,talking serendipty/slight cheat,that was last week,9-5 just makes for a less Rich Mix lyrically :)

Apples and Snakes I asked him if he was gay. He's not. Wahey!

Apples and Snakes I just got caught gawping at a transvestite, no I wouldn't no I wouldn't no I wouldn't I might.

Apples and Snakes Was determined to have some fun so before the night begun i visited a burger place only to have the smile ripped off my face. I tried to dance to cheesy trance but ended up with diar ear in me pants!

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