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Apples and Snakes I just got caught gawping at a transvestite, no I wouldn't no I wouldn't no I wouldn't I might.

Apples and Snakes Was determined to have some fun so before the night begun i visited a burger place only to have the smile ripped off my face. I tried to dance to cheesy trance but ended up with diar ear in me pants!

Apples and Snakes I've been spending time with Tesco Value lager, we do things like stay in and cry over The Arbour. Every Little Helps.

Apples and Snakes Dan the host you're so hot, i really want to touch your bott-om.

Apples and Snakes Today I feel sublime... whilst dropping inspirational lines, I make achievements like I'm running out of time!

Apples and Snakes This is a test of a couplet from Andy, if the line break is in the right place, that would be handy. (but unlikely!)

Apples and Snakes Bum

Apples and Snakes Test message!

Thumbprint City Contact Really enjoyed Andrews talk at Electroville event today. Set up our TBC account as soon as I got back to the office. Marcia Primary Colours.

Thumbprint City Contact Thurs 23

Thumbprint City Contact I like the new look of the site! PF

Test 4 Another similar test

Test 4 Test from pete

100 The sound of heavy rain rattling on the clear plastic roof at the front of Piccadilly station is as loud as the sea crashing in and makes all of us look up from our tickets and journeys

100 I just watched a mum grab hold of her teenage son to make him let her give him a kiss on the cheek while he made a "muuum someone will see me" face. Very sweet and funny

100 It must be the curve of the train windows but the ends of the rainbow outside seem so close they are at the far side of the field beside the tracks.

100 I saw a workman's trench with a man face down in it. He was very still. I couldn't tell whether he was working or asleep.

100 Small child kicking a giant puppet to the annoyance of her mother

100 The bus trapped a balloon under its front wheel. It pulled away and the balloon popped startling those people nearby - even though they were expecting it

100 3 blokes meet in a coffee shop to talk business. After a while they get up, shake hands and depart. Something has been agreed. Oh no, that was yesterday...

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