Apples and Snakes

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On monday i ate too much sweet potato, on tuesday it made my wee quite yellow
- there once was a lady from China who got a broomstick stuck up her vagina
(can't forget em) Interred the life we had there, new everything, inter-continental mind-share
is it a bird, is it a plane? No, it's Dan Dan the doo doo stain!
On the tube, finally resting my bum, only to realize I picked a seat with gum.
I went to Goa to find myself but I lost a contact lens and 7 lbs :)
today I heard drop it like it's hot, but fuck its not.
Neil said summer is a bummer but it's ok coz British beef is fine. True by john selwyn gummer
First week of work,chaperoning rabbis,Dancing Jaws,talking serendipty/slight cheat,that was last week,9-5 just makes for a less Rich Mix lyrically :)
I asked him if he was gay. He's not. Wahey!
I just got caught gawping at a transvestite, no I wouldn't no I wouldn't no I wouldn't I might.
Was determined to have some fun so before the night begun i visited a burger place only to have the smile ripped off my face. I tried to dance to cheesy trance but ended up with diar ear in me pants!
I've been spending time with Tesco Value lager, we do things like stay in and cry over The Arbour. Every Little Helps.
Dan the host you're so hot, i really want to touch your bott-om.
Today I feel sublime... whilst dropping inspirational lines, I make achievements like I'm running out of time!
This is a test of a couplet from Andy, if the line break is in the right place, that would be handy. (but unlikely!)
Test message!