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Wonder W. I think a square with small trees and grass would be great. It's a very grey, urban environment and a bit depressing really. There are some great public spaces/squares in the west end and office workers use them a lot to eat their lunch or just get away from your desk.

Portland Rise Water Feature No unless you fix it up. It's dangerous with no water ever seen and only rubbish from the estate in what I assume is water river??? I will sue if my 2yr old hurts himself as nothing to stop him falling into the dry water fountain. Has it ever worked??!this is how we waste our taxes. Ill let Dianne Abbott know with some pictures i shall send her.

Portland Rise Water Feature NO. J. LAWRENCE, 12 WARWICK HOUSE, LONDON N4 2PY

Portland Rise Water Feature testing testing 1 2 3

North Street Community Centre The DJ workshop was ace! Can we have some more please :-)

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