What is Thumbprint City?

Thumbprint City is for anyone with a mobile phone to share local knowledge by text message.

It can be a diary about everyday life in a neighbourhood, written by the people who live there.

Or their ideas about how to make things better.

It can be reviews from the audience at events.

Or just a way to pass the time while waiting for a bus.

Everyone has local knowledge to share, and Thumbprint City works on all mobile phones, with no need for a computer or registration, so people can take part straight away, wherever they are, just by sending a text message.

How do I use Thumbprint City on my mobile?

To write, just start a text with the page code, all one word, for example Cornerhouse or Highstreet then a space then your thoughts and send it to the Thumbprint City number: 07786 205 227.

Thumbprint City has no relationship of any kind with any mobile phone network.

How much does it cost on my mobile?

It only costs the same as sending a normal text to a friend's phone.

Any messages you get back from Thumbprint City are completely free.

The Thumbprint City number is not a premium rate number.

Thumbprint City has no relationship of any kind with any mobile phone network.

Mobile Privacy and Security

Will I be signed up to anything if I use my mobile?

You will not be signed up for anything at all if you only use Thumbprint City through your mobile.

Registration is optional, you do not have to sign up to anything at all if you only use Thumbprint City through your mobile phone.

Will I get messages I don't want to my mobile?

You will only get a message back if you send a message in first.

After that it stops forever unless you send in another message.

But of course you'll enjoy Thumbprint City so much you'll want to take part regularly.

What happens to my phone number?

Your phone number is never made public. Ever.

Thumbprint City will not pass on your mobile number to anyone else.


I'm the owner of a page, what does this mean and what can I do?

Being the page owner means you took responsibility for creating that page on Thumbprint City and so you have the right to look after it, edit details, change the question for visitors and so on.

It's a bit like being the host.

The question that goes with your page is a way for other people who care about your page to be part of it, to add a trace of themselves and make a story that you have created together.

You can change the question to anything you want.

It can be factual, like "What did you think of last night's event?"

Or more expressive, a question like "Where were you happiest to arrive and why?", that lets people use their experiences and imagination to contribute something of value from them to the page you build together.

You are the host. Look for open, welcoming ways for people to take part.

But please remember that ownership of a public page is something you hold in trust.

If ownership or the way you act doesn't seem fair on other people who have a genuine interest in that page, we reserve the right to transfer ownership.

Why sign up?

If you only use Thumbprint City from your mobile, you don't ever have to sign up.

If you want to see the story of all your messages though, you'll need to sign up, so we know which messages are yours.

Using registration on the web site that is linked to a mobile phone means that Thumbprint City is free of spam and abusive messages.

How do I create a page?

Simply start by clicking create a page.


Are there rules about what can I write?

Thumbprint City is about creativity and public free speech.

Everything you write on Thumbprint City is public.

But you are anonymous on Thumbprint City and you are welcome to be creative, critical or controversial.

But remember:

  • - you are solely responsible for what you write.
  • - do not post offensive material.
  • - please exercise common sense in what you write.
  • - do not post personal or contact details.
  • - we will remove any inappropriate material without notification.
  • - we will prevent participation by persistent offenders.

What do I do if I don't like a piece of writing?

Please report any posts you consider to be inappropriate or offensive by emailing andrew [@] blinkmedia [dot] org

Who owns what I write?

You do, but if you have sent something to Thumbprint City, that means you accept that it will be public, and we can publicly quote the words you've written in other contexts if we want.

Can I write private messages?


Everything you write on Thumbprint City is public.

Am I too young for Thumbprint City?

If you are under 16 years old you must consult a parent or guardian before using Thumbprint City.

Can I set up Thumbprint City in my country?

Thumbprint City is based in the UK and the UK is the focus of our current activity.

However, if you are wanting to use this service elsewhere then get in touch and we will see what we can do.

Start by emailing andrew [@] blinkmedia [dot] org - we're always happy to talk.

Respect and thanks

The question "Tell a story about yourself in one sentence." was suggested by the excellent One Sentence project:

The question about methods of escape was inspired by artist Dee Hibbert-Jones' project for Fred 2008

Contact Thumbprint City

If you would like to contact us about Thumbprint City, please email

We always welcome your feedback and suggestions and will try to reply to every email.

Our address is:

Andrew Wilson
Thumbprint City
5th Floor
Bates Mill
Milford Street,
West Yorkshire

Help us to help you!

Most problems are fairly common so you should be able to find an answer on this page.

However, it is early in the life of Thumbprint City so if you have any questions, comments or have experienced problems then email us at:

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