How to create a page

A step by step guide to creating a page

If you look on the upper right of any Thumbprint City page you will always see this:

Screen grab: create a page link

Click on the "Create a page" link and next you will see this:

Screen grab: create a page panel

You can create as many pages as you like, and delete any you don't want. It's free and it always will be, so if you want to try a practise page first that is fine.

1. Page name

Choose a name for your page, it can be your organisation, group, place or anything you like, and you can change it later.

2. Texting code

When people send a text to your page they must start their message with your Texting code then a space then their message, so choose a short word that sums up your page. You can't change your Texting code later.

3. Region and Place

Is there a town or city or village related to your page? If there is, look for it by clicking on the drop down menu that is labelled "choose a region and place"

Screen grab: choosing a region and place

If it's not there choose the region first, for example London, and fill in the town or city or village in the Place box.

Screen grab: the Place box

If there isn't a place related to your page, just choose "Everywhere" from the drop down menu.

4. Map

If you choose a Region and Place, a map will appear. Using the map is optional.

Screen grab: the map

Enter an address for your page and then click on the "Show address on map" link. This will put a pointer in th right place on the map. If you need to move the pointer then follow the map control instructions to do so.

5. Create a page

Click the "Create a page" button to finish.

The system now creates the page for you and this is what you will see next. Because you own this page you will also see a control panel at the top of it. Other users will not see this panel.

Screen grab: the control panel

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