How Thumbprint City works

The page

The page is at the heart of the Thumbprint City system. Users text their messages in to a page where they all get shown.

The page owner can put replies to these messages on to the page or can send back a text messages response.

The code

Each page has its own unique code. For example, the Heptonstall Fell Race page uses HEPT as its code.

Users who want to send a text to the Heptonstall Fell Race page start their texts with HEPT and then write whatever it is they wish to say.

That's all they need to do - there is no need for any sign up or registration.

The page owner

The page owner is the person who created the page. They control the information and appearance of the page but also have access to lots of other options:

  • sending messages to users of the page
  • creating mailaing lists to contact groups of subscribers by text
  • creating an automated message reply service for anyone who texts their page
  • removing unwanted messages from their page
  • moderating messages before they get published on the page
  • adding editors - other users who can help manage the page
  • the widget - the easy way to get a page onto your website

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