What is the texting code?

There are hundreds of different pages on Thumbprint City all served by the same mobile number - 07786 205 227. To make sure that all the text messages that get sent to us in end up on the right page, each text has to start with the correct code. So, for example, all texts sent to the Cornerhouse page must start with CORNERHOUSE.

When you create your own page you also need to think of a suitable code that users of your page will find easy to remember and to spell.

Some examples

When local people in Ordsall, Salford set up a page for their community the choice of code was simple - ORDSALL is the logical choice. Anyone who wants to text the Ordsall page just starts their text with the word Ordsall.

The organisers of the Heptonstall Fell Race page wanted something short and snappy and so they chose HEPT. They could just as easily have chosen HFR or HEPTONSTALL but felt that HEPT would do the job for them.

Choosing a texting code for your page

Your texting code needs to be from 3 to 12 characters in length. It can only contain letters and numbers (and has to include at least one letter).

As long as no-one else is using it, you can have whatever code you like. However, we advise that you go for something that is short, easy to spell and has some obvious connection with your page name.

Once you have chosen your texting code it can't easily be changed, so take your time choosing.