What is a texting code?

When people send a text to your page they must start their message with your Texting Code then a space then their message.

For example this is a public page called North Street Community Centre...

...the Texting Code is COMM.

So anyone who sends a text to send a message to North Street Community Centre has to start their message like this:

The reason that messages have to start with a Texting Code is because there are hundreds of different Thumbprint City pages and the computer software has to decide which messages are for your page.

If a text message doesn't start with a Texting Code, Thumbprint City doesn't know where to put it, and a text like this is automatically sent back:

Hi, when you text to a Thumbprint City page you have to start your message with a Texting Code then a space. THE isn't a code, please check and try again.

If anyone who has tried to text your page gets a reply like this, it means they didn't start their text with your Texting Code then a space.

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