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Notwestminster My local democracy hero is the Blackpool Supporters Trust that are bringing open and democratic fan values to Blackpool Football Club.

Notwestminster Peter McFadyen

Notwestminster Churchill standing up for freedom

Notwestminster You can't say fairer than a councillor who will stand in front of a bulldozer for you, take part in your crazy schemes and notice when you're in trouble.

Notwestminster Test from Andy

Notwestminster My friend's mum, who is always prepared to get involved in things and take on some work. Even though I don't agree with her political views, I really respect her energy.

Newsome Pop

Newsome Po

Newsome Hi Diane. Sorry but I can't help today. Carol x

Newsome Who do u send photos too for competition from adult learning event please

Made in Huddersfield Fighting bbc giggy yikyttgv

Made in Huddersfield A young gentleman walks into my kitchen, wearing an old t-shirt,, worn trousers and backpack. Passes me a finger length feather, grey on one side, black on the other. Down the edge, a sliver of fluorescent blue and white stripes. A jay birds feather is his gift to me.

Made in Huddersfield Mist shrouds the valley in a veil. Blue sky above. An old engine rumbles through the moorlands.

Made in Huddersfield Today I witnessed a jet black labrador eating blackberries off of the blackberry bush, carefully pulling off the sweet berries with his drooling mouth.

Made in Huddersfield Today I saw complete fog and mist outside of the kitchen window , usually there would be hills but today just complete fog and mist and nothing else, very unusual as I was not expecting this as I am from the city and have moved up north onto a hilk

Made in Huddersfield An old lady eating a fish. A fried fish on a white tray, no chips, in a doorway out of the rain, breaking bits off. Her pink bonnet like a film star's.

Bibliotherapy Kirklees Thanks for getting back in touch

Newsome I will

Newsome Hi Diane Sorry I can't make the allotment today. I have a bad hip which is v painful despite the medication. Now awaiting GP apt. Hope to be with you all again v Carol x

Newsome Hi folks Just enjoying Forces day here at Plymouth with Mary. Will join you next week lv Carol x

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