CoffeEvolution. Best. Cafe. Ever.

Wood street

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This is the world of CoffeEvolution.

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This is the world of CoffeEvolution.

I love your coffee
too much coffee today!
oh no! No seats upstairs. Have to go downstairs to the common room with the youths! Terrified!
there are two Evos!
Snowevo today
coffee and home made Christmas cake and its snowing outside. Not a bad world at times is it?
is very emo today. Must be the last day of sixth form before christmas
It is odd how Evo's coffee is so much better than anywhere else. It's like when you want fish and chips but only really good ones. Evo coffee is always fab.

Who would you buy a coffee for and why?

I have a full loyalty card! Next coffee will be free. Tastes even nicer and im going to read the paper while i drink it! What else is there in life?
i sent this message using an nfc tag
i sent this message using an nfc tag
charles dickens at the moment. I want to hear what his voice sounds like
And it's got free wifi! And good music. And it's central. And they have the best fair trade policy. And their cakes are all homemade. I could go on.
I'd buy a chai tea latte for a special buddy of mine whom I often meet at coffee evo to chat and moan about a shared loss we've both experienced.

the only way to christen Thumbprint Huddersfield is with a message about coffeevolution. Best. Cafe. Ever.

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