Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival is the UK's largest international festival of new and experimental music. Messages on this page are responses from the audience at festival events.

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What did you make of that?

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What did you make of that?

vibrant mix of communities.

festival showed a fantastic variety of music and some incredible talented artists, the prices were reasonable,oh mankind was impressive

What did you make of that?

absolutely brilliant. I havn't enjoyed a concert as much as that in a long time!
concert of the year
Everything a hudds concert should be. Music move forwards!
"painting is creating a virtual world" - Tim Head at the art gallery
Elision 1 i hope it was meant to be because that was very sinister and unnerving especially at the start. The two womens voices were terrifying
Just seen Hilliard/Arditti, sublime, wonderfully atmospheric music, beautifully done. Elision, fabulous!
Off to Bates Mill tonight! Got no idea about the performance but everything in the blending shed at hcmf is always good, so pick anything!
Ive started to really look forward to HCMF over the last 3 years. Especially anything in Bates Mill, even though i cant pretend to understand it!

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