Marsden is a large village within the Metropolitan Borough of Kirklees, in West Yorkshire, England, 7 miles (11.3 km) west of Huddersfield and located at the confluence of the River Colne and the Wessenden Brook. The village has a population of 4000. Marsden is the last significant settlement on the West Yorkshire side of Standedge crossing of the Pennines into Greater Manchester. The village is surrounded on three sides by the high moors which are called Marsden Moor and Meltham Moor. The village is host to several festivals and cultural events throughout the year. Perhaps the most notable of these is Marsden Cuckoo Day, which is a day-long festival held annually in Spring (April), with clog dancing, a duck race, music, a procession and a famous "cuckoo walk". There is also the annual Marsden Jazz Festival each October and the Imbolc festival each winter, in which the triumph of the Green Man (who represents the coming spring), over Jack Frost (the winter) is celebrated with fire juggling and giant puppets. Marsden is the home of Mikron theatre company, the worlds only professional theatre company to tour by Narrowboat. Marsden is the home of the Marsden Silver Prize Band, a top level brass band.




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This is Marsden.

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This is Marsden.

Police Have cordoned off part of the canal
great day at the park. The magician was fantastic
first narrow boat this year on the canal!
the men in orange coats are walking thru the tunnel; it's three miles. big train delays.
big delays on trains in and out of marsden. some problem int tunnel.
There shall be mailing lists for all.
please be careful of pedestrians when opening your car doors onto the street
school crossing Patrol needed details on kirklees web site
Accident at Marsden train station.
Beautiful evening. I might even come out of hibernation early
very dark at the train station with all the lights off
in the socialist club in a state of confusion
Horrible deep brown slush everywhere
looking really pretty this morning with all the snow
Looking forward to our group trip up mount snowdon tomorrow. Meet up at the united reform church at 6.45am
Great night out at theThe Wizzard of Ossett by the Avalanche Dodgers

Where did you have your best ever summer and why?

bloke fixing the roof above mozzarella's can't be safe for him or people passing by
bright and sunny

This message created Marsden

looking forward to meeting nigel go the wine bank to taki about new social networking site