Simon Morris is a Community Ranger in Rawthorpe and Dalton, dealing with low-level anti-social behaviour to help make communities feel safer. He also works with schools and local communities on projects including litter picks, events and school travel initiatives that help create a better environment and bring communities together.

23-25 Ridgeway, Dalton, Huddersfield

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Ranger Simon's diary.

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Ranger Simon's diary.

just be in a meeting no europrofile doors
im back now to full duties so we can start again today
im back again full time just walking around dalton and reporting street lighting
walking around dalton with mary the ranger
went to london with the jr school it was a great day but shattered
Went to london with the jr school meeting it was a great day and went the mp
going to a meeting about town house at knh
Going to school meeting at by london trip
attend older peoples event at the dram
Helped tenant move old chair and report it to cleansing
going to the childrens centre to the take they staff photos then on to so visits
on patrol on this cold and crisp autum morning
out and about with marine the new community worker showing her around
out and about in dalton
delivered asb forms
visiting toddles group
reported sub station damaged ,a fly tip and graffiti removal.
at housing and police drop in at the LICC.
reported lose pavment ross streetsence
im back

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