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Inkwell A bright white cat on our shed roof, huddling in from the wind and surveying the back alley with a certain haughtiness. Claiming new territory...

Inkwell Memorised a poem ode to Minecraft with my son on the way to school this morning.

Inkwell Had a BBC news update pop up on my phone about Bob Crow expecting to hear about transport strikes, instead to hear he had sadly died unexpectedly.

Inkwell Unknown man mending my toilet, and doing a great job!

Inkwell Having shovelled up clipped grass my neighbour stands, seeing John, and asks him "Did you sleep alright?"

Inkwell A man drawing on the wall with his keys

Inkwell Walking round the garden, early morning sun. The remains of last night's fire - a blackened circle surrounded by ends of twigs that did not burn.

Inkwell Man, grey hair, glasses places a red chair in a black smart car. opens the back of the car, takes out a green and orange plastic bag, walks away. from next doors, the sound of a lawn mower.

Inkwell An elderly lady with a black eye pulls her red shopping trolley behind her as she rushes for a bus

Inkwell When I had my breakfast looking out of the back of the house it was chucking it down, but now, looking out of the front, I can see blue sky.

Dev test Testtestets

Dev test That's fine by me, I'll see you tomorrow! Still not sure if I'm supposed to have the code there or not?

Dev test Tues morning is fine for me. R

Dev test I can do Tuesday morning ok - Andy

RichardTest Hello

RichardTest Richard testing again

RichardTest Hello tis I

RichardTest Hi

RichardTest Up

RichardTest Richard test

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