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Creation Trust Janine what with this text you send me I'm on income support allowance so what is the 20 voucher thing

Creation Trust Thank You I am work

Its Free to go there anyway ok any body can go thnre ok

Creation Trust Who is that

Creation Trust My address is 11. Gaitskell house villa street se17 2bp

Creation Trust Yes

Creation Trust Ablo espaƱol no entiendo

Creation Trust Hello

Creation Trust Hello! Tomorrow is to go to giraffe's house is it

Creation Trust Hi there Just a quick one. Any idea what time you will be coming? It's liz from 52 amott road

Creation Trust I tried to call but couldn't get though but am interested I can start asap and live in Peckham

Creation Trust What are you doing right now?

Creation Trust Hi jany can I come back September

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Dear Brenda, Thank you so much for your kindness and you patience for I know too how it feels when all you need is a relaxation time but another needs an ear or two to listen to their fears and worries when their rational minds are over taken and they become overwhelmed with too much they feel unable to cope with and they know they need help. Today so glad the timing was perfect for us to be able to meet. Thank you so much for bringing us food and of course such a spread deserved the table setting!!! Love you Speak soon Love Lynda xxx

A Demo Page Thankyou very interesting!

A Demo Page Thanks from Andy!

Marks Gate DIY Streets Hi Good morning. Thank you for your invites. I am a cancer Patient and having had major surgery for the 3 time I'm not really able to help. However as a driver I believe it would be beneficial to put concrete posts and the top of Padnall rd on the bend into Rose Lane as if is a blind spot. Also why can't the Cars parked use tge Grass Area making the Rds safer for those who swing their doors open onto on coming Traffic. I have a car parked blocking access to my drive, which I pay for yet my neihbours has a car patked across a kerb on his land which ge has not paid for. Blocking my drive.2 I live at 99 also prevents cats from pulling in to allow cars to pass as well as nsking it difficult for me to get in and out if my drive. It is in fact illegal to block a drive. Elayne

Marks Gate DIY Streets To check the auto reply

Marks Gate DIY Streets Shut up

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