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Good Afternoon

Good Morning and happy new year Can you please send me the address of meeting point at the peckham plex. Which room and floor as I have lost all my addresses on my phone thanks Elsa

Good Morning Janine, am afraid I won't be able to attend today, my Agency called me for work today. Im so sorry but will be there tomorrow. Doris

Good Morning I forgot my phone charger in the classroom last Wednesday Thank you Dorisilla

Good Morning, I'm coming to the workshop but I'm going over in london for a brief interview and back, will be about half 10 - 11 if that's ok. Thank you Arlene

Good Morning. I tried to call but no answer. I won't be able to attend the represent yourself workshop as I'm not I'm London at the moment. Victor

Good Morning, I am on my way. I am running late for the reason that the street was closed therefore no buses coming. I hope to be there soon. Regards, Carolina G.

Good Morning,is aminata,sorry I can't come,hospital appointment,I completely forgot about my appointment today,really sorry,is for my gloucoma,am really sorry thanks

Good Morning Janine. This is Margaret Adedoyin. Can I come tomorrow to join in the training? As am in college today. Thanks

Good Morning Joe Sarah here. On the bus mite be a little late please could you let Karen no. Many thanks Sarah B.

Not At this time after giving it a lot of thought thank you. [STOP].

Not Enough notice or information. Would like to attend. How do I find details? Is this an ongoing weekly session?

Not Able to make today full of cold

Good Morning sir I am writing to you just to confirm as discussed regarding my work sheet for today to be available for work. Thanks Theo

Good Morning sir I won't be able to make it to day I'm not feelwell thanks

Good Morning it's just to say that I couldn't say or go for this event, like the other times because I'm without money in this moment and without pass. When i solve my situation i will let you know (I am trying now travel to Portugal when I receive the ticket and money, because like you know in this moment I'm not working). Thank you for understand my situation. Was good and i appreciate when I went there to assist the mini-courses and the Programme of employability.

Happy New year hope it a good one all the best x

Good Morning janny my adviser said I will talk to my manger about child care I am wait her thank you

Good Evening Janine, I am sorry for not ringing you on time as I was not in the right location to speak.Beatrice

Not Intersted

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