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Happy New year hope it a good one all the best x

Good Morning janny my adviser said I will talk to my manger about child care I am wait her thank you

Good Evening Janine, I am sorry for not ringing you on time as I was not in the right location to speak.Beatrice

Not Intersted

Good Morning madam I can't come today because

Good Morning to You all. Dear Juliet and Rix, I am sorry I can't be there to enjoy the lunch with you I am going to a funeral that same time. Enjoy. Gloria.

Good Stuff

Good Luck with that. Don't forget your snorkels

Two Right Julie 5 weeks without the demand drink and feeling good the answer is with in and not in a glass Stephen from life line and on track

Good Morning Patriachia Thank you for your invitation for this morning to attend Monday 7 sept job search. I emailed Janine last week that I was poorly and suffered from bad cold, fever, could not speak at all and vomiting. As an asthmatic it takes a little more time to recover than normal. I am much better now but weak as I have not been able to eat. I have just started eating on Saturday and think I need a few days at home to totally recover. I started on Sunday to continue with my job searches at home and i believe would be in a better health wise position to join you for job search next week if there is an opportunity. I am just a bit too weak at the moment. Hope u understand. Many thanks for all your help in the meantime. Sheila

Two Places if possible please. I can pay today

Good One love

Happy New year to you wish you good luck, health, wealth. Success, prosperity and blessings to you in 2015. Rach c

Good Morning if there is still space for the xmas party i will like to come. i finisj work around 6 i will be there around 18:45 Thank you (Ade)

Good Evening, Unfortunately I missed your call. Please text/email me if urgent.

Not Me. This message Send. To miraim. Osman Her telefoon 07957255533. She. For. Esol. B hut. But. If you. Send. Message. Miraim. Not my phone number

Not At home this weekend would prefer through the week if possible

Not At home thiq

Good Afternoon Patrischia, can You please send me the job prescription and working hours? I will be very grateful, EWA. My mail: ewa.wiczkowska

Good As lways !

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