Manchester messages

Good Morning if there is still space for the xmas party i will like to come. i finisj work around 6 i will be there around 18:45 Thank you (Ade)

Good Evening, Unfortunately I missed your call. Please text/email me if urgent.

Not Me. This message Send. To miraim. Osman Her telefoon 07957255533. She. For. Esol. B hut. But. If you. Send. Message. Miraim. Not my phone number

Not At home this weekend would prefer through the week if possible

Not At home thiq

Good Afternoon Patrischia, can You please send me the job prescription and working hours? I will be very grateful, EWA. My mail: ewa.wiczkowska

Good As lways !

Great Text i am happy and walking tall

Not Sure I can make it Kieron coming to set up my new lap top!

Happy New Year to you. AndThank you. Glo

Good Dental care prevents heart attacks.

Happy NEW YEAR TO YOU and i wiil see you tomorrow .

Not Available

Good Morning to you all, Not everyday is good but there is good in every day. (unknown)

Great Texts today. Have fun on holiday x

Good One x

Good Words, and really app', i am putting confident actions with words, with dismay. But thanks, alan.

Not Well, but not sure how I'm going to be tomorrow - supposed to be at dentist at 9.50 so won't be in before 10.30 in any case. Will keep in touch, Kim

Mattandphreds The weather

Quiz Im in the pub where the fuck are you

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