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Where were you happiest to arrive and why?

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Where were you happiest to arrive and why?

l'm happy on the number 8 bolton to manchester because l pass the pubs l went to with my first love. lynda x
Marple. Here, I can rejoin my canal boat in one of my favourite places. Dave aged 70
when i got to glastonbury on the wednesday, knowing i had 5days left there :)
the 8 to bolton every tuesday night for a couple of pints with the lads to break the working week. Can't beat it!
I am always happiest to arrive somewhere when i am late and it turns out that everyone else is late as well?especially on a sunny day!
happiest when i arrived manchester for the 1st time. The rain- oxford road, city center and all. Just wonderful.
picadilly is my best, because i found the love of my life there. Ten years strong. By jim of salford.
192 A late night ride steeped in myth, it's so good - Jarvis Cocker should have written a song about it. Roll ever onwards, oh majestic 192. Fractos.
The 375 terminus at Shiloh Road - it has to be Manchester's loneliest bus terminus, with sweeping moorland views
getting the bus to the hospital to see my brother before he died,he was only 19.
back in Manchester after a long distance journey.It's home!
i like drawing pictures in condensation on bus windows. Seeing other peoples art makes me smile!
i'm happiest to arrive into chorlton on the 84 bus from piccadilly because it brings me to the only job I've enjoyed doing in 25 years. Darren.
A bus to my friend's for his 40th - great people, very camp! Then a bus to the funeral of a beautiful dancer killed in a crash. Life's ups + downs.
they take me to my love of my life and my son
At ashton new road waiting for a bus to take me home from another one night stand!
when i arrived in my new home town i new it was going 2 b an end of an era and a ticket 2 freedom n sacrifices..... little did i no how much
Town to buy shoes for a wedding. I'm best man for Brian who is marrying Claire on the 11th of August.
The place i was happiest to arrive was graduation.It was amazing to have my closest family there and a proud day for us all.

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