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Where were you happiest to arrive and why?

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Where were you happiest to arrive and why?

The bus at nite is like a portal to another world, a cast of passengers huddled in fluorescent light, avoiding eyes, trying to teleport to secret lives
skipping school to take the bus into the city,where i'd sit in cool cafes drinking tea and reading poetry,flirting with the boy across the room
Riding home from the uni after selling a Battles ticket at face value to a happy man.
rail replacement from stockport to sheffield the peaks are gorgeous today in the sunshine
love the smells and colours through Rusholme on the bus going into Manchester.
i like it when i get off at home (dukinfild) especialy on cold days when joey is waiting and the kettle is on x
i just arrived on the 250 to the trafford centre my heart all a flutter as am about to go on a date
at home where you can be yourself
at college to learn music technology, every day i come, i learn more. Wish i could study forever
i can't help but look out of the window on the bus, even if i have something really interesting to read; it's the best place for people watching.
i am happiest to arrive on the 53 at my boyfriends cause i know no matter how bad my day has been he'll give me a hug and a kiss and it all seems better
What kind of a@sehole gets there kicks out of smashing bus shelters up. What is there to possibly gain from that activity?
We r fed up of the poor services of bus 89
waiting in bolton 4 a bus to go and c my son
unfortunately no bus as of yet,i pray that wen it dus arrive,there r no chavs or smelly drunks on it.lets hope it drops me off in hawaii,or at best,worsley.
typical oldham weather always raining and i have a funny feeling the bus wont turn up again
Tunbridge Wells to see my family.
travelling to Piccadilly good journey very comfortable.
don't they realise 75000 people leave old trafford after the game? 3 trams won't carry us all!
took the 528 from rochdale to white house then out on the moor.

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