FREE MANCHESTER'S MONSTERS! Monsters are set free as soon as you conjure them up. Visit the MySpace site to read the story of Manchester's monsters, and use Thumbprint by text message to find or set free monsters when you are out and about in the city.




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Set free another monster that lives around Chorlton.

mobile help Text CHORLTON then your message to 07786 205 227

the jewel in manchester's crown
WASPWORM resides under Chorlton Green, drives Yuppies out and brings back Plebs. Plebs are more fun, have good tastes in music and know how to dance.
HATCHET once guarded the trees of Cottonwood Canyon, Idaho, now lurks at the Water Park, carries a hatchet and chases underage drinkers and quad bikes
SILVER DAVES are very small monsters who love crisps and entertaining children, but as the children grow up, Silver Daves gradually fade into nothing