You are a reporter. Think of something you've seen today. Describe what you saw. Remember the details that only a witness would know. Don't comment. Don't judge. Like this: "An old lady eating a fish. A fried fish on a white tray, no chips, in a doorway out of the rain, breaking bits off. Her pink bonnet like a film star’s." What you write will be completely anonymous. You can be as personal or intimate as you like. This is a record of things that have happened. It was started at Larkin' About at greenroom on 5th December. You are not a historian.

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What happened today?

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What happened today?

A man slapped his friend on the forehead on the train. His friend frowned, slipped his hand into his pocket and drew a tache under his nose.
A man on the number 42 bus wearing all black.Talking on his mobile.Lying to his girlfriend about where he is.
Liverpool street, an army tank belted down the road, loud as thunder, with 2 bald men's heads sticking out of the viewing holes
sat in the christmas bar, people complained about us playing snap!
Last night a train coach packed with standing people, one leans his cheek against the door glass, asleep.
Russian man eats noodles
Man stopped and asked directions to printworks. Are you part australian? You know,australians know manchester better than me.
Sat behind the bar at green son i heard someone say that mussels look like vaginas. She said the inside looked like 'lady fudge'.
Walking down the st near hotel Piccadily. Girl asks fella 'am i skinny?' fella 'yeah ya skinny but you've got a cracking pair of tits'.
a girl in a black furry beret blowing bubbles
someone asked if anybody had a light. A guy called matty sed no. He walked on!
a small Bespectacled boy is skitted by scallies,who shout harry potter-based curses at him. As he leaves the bus he retorts: 'i will burn your family'
A gentleman enquires in a healthfood shop with his cheeks flushed what would b most effective cure for his friends constapation
a tense discussion between the greenroom programme co-ordinator and technical director about the possibility of a staff labyrnth game.
2 men running from a taxi. The taxi driver nearly runs one over trying to catch him.
Man walking up Oxford St with 3 huge pink umbrellas in a bag.Laughing his head off at something.
Terrorvision on Fountain Street.Belting round the corner whilst Karaoke blairs from The Crown.
- potato stealing!
2 teenage lads tryin to walk on railings while their friends made monkey bars out of scaffolding
a shaved head man in a tracksuit with a really big metal pan he was trying to sell to a shopkeeper because his ex girlfriend made proper good curry in it

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