Aboushi, Ahmed, Alpona, Buzz and Musa from Rainbow Haven are writing a diary together over the summer.
The Rainbow Haven diary is part of MCIN's People's Voice Media programme funded by New East Manchester

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What happened today?

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What happened today?

I felt sleep. Im sleeping now leasten carefully im snowring ngkhiiiinkhaaa...fushhshh... Please let me sleep bcos i didn't get M Mo o...nn. Ok it dosn't matter. I'll c her.@
Whats I wanted I'm not getting him. Now he lives with someone els. I hoped to keeped him in my heart, but nothing......
2day I bought a suit 4 J, from Debenham oh my God so expensive bcos his birthday coming. 2moro we r going his friends birthday party . J Was born in September 29th, and his friend 9th. 20th is P. 2moro F going 2 celebret her 3 childrens birthday. Las
Hazar darshuk mohn mujaiaah nahche gu shuhndury kamolah premek porosh Rahim Miah Rupbahn nachehe kumar doliah, hey Rupbahn nahchehe kumar doliah. Bangla song, try to sing
Lets learn some Bangla. Good - valu, Bad - kharap, You - tumi, I - ame, He - sha, What- kee. Love - valubasha.
2day is 15th of August. In Bangladesh 1975, the Bangli Militery betrayed the President and killd him and his family. So every 15th August it is a day of rememberance. That President was our Father of Nations. In 1971 when we fought for freedom agains
Lets learn some Swahili. Eat - kula. Excuse me! - Samahani! Food - Chakula. Friend - Rafiki. Good- Nzuri. Goodbye! - kwaheri! Lion - Simba. No problem-Hakuna Matata.
I am so happy 2see my friend after 5 long years. Well th day arriv 2see each other
I spoke to my solicitor. I went 2 job shop. I had some shopping at Matalan. 2day I got enternet conection. My son got a laptop from school. With free enternet with this. He is very happy. I'm not worry bcos some of websight already blocked.
i've too much to this afternoon,2 sist coming from France different time well wish me good luck
Now I'm at Hospital with my children. Little boy getting hurt on his hand, I don't know. Whats heppened.
2day I'd fun with some friends at the park. We played football. LIZ , Lee and me. Against was Phil and my elder son J. We won. Margaret was Reffari. I was goal keeper but I scored 2 goals. It was 5, 3 to us. We enjoyed.
we're still getting ready buy this buy that well nothing accomplish yet so let see
Day by day how can I stay without him. So much love in my heart and soul are crying with unkown pain. Oh o o bind all sorrowes to keeping in my heart.
i found my babkhome friend in hi5,she also gave others friends e-mails
'I'm a woman and I want justice. I came to this country to seek help from the government, to find protection, but they never took my claim seriously.'
Ever since we left home we have been like blind people, being led along but never knowing where each step will lead.... Sometimes I tell myself that these five years have just been a bad dream. That we'll wake up, start work and education and say: 'N
my sist got married on th 8/8/08, isn't it cool?
we had a car on fire at th back of our garden,4 didn't know wht 2do in that kind of matter. I was coming from my english class
BEING AN ASYLUM SEEKER: A CRIME By Emiola Fadeyi. Asylum Seeker is not the end of the road. We r human being We r women of great expectation. We r women of vision. Even though back home I m the most wanted sometimes I feel like I'm ground

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