Urbis is an exhibition centre about city life. On your visit you can explore exhibitions about contemporary art & design, the city environment and the people who make our cities what they are.

Urbis, Cathedral Gardens, M4 3BG




0161 605 8200

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Write thumb-sized reviews of Urbis events.

Blimey. I can't believe it's closing at the of feb. I'm sure the "museum of football" will be great, but not as amazing as the stuff URBIS has shown.
Just been to the Black Panthers exhibition. Amazing. Very powerful. And urbis is totally free! Cool building too.

urban play exhibition is brilliant but should really include the emo kids outside. Maybe official urbis hates them
hong kong exhibition was great. Funny inventive fun work that gave a sense of a changing, in between place without giving anyone a political lecture
london and i would be frightened
wouldn`t matter because you could sit and have a drink and work it out
new york meet some new people
amsterdam use your imagination!
From the Highlands, roaming around/THE GWYER lives deep underground/Strong as an ox, small as a cat/Bright orange eyes, teeth of a rat/Gwyer of MacDoo!