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Attaya Projects I looked up and saw my reflection in a disco ball. The tiny mirrors made everything look pixelated. The world in disco 8-bits format. Geeky beauty galore.

Attaya Projects Today I saw the basin tank at Cragside for the first time. The long grass was broken down by people trying to get closer to the water

Attaya Projects Newspaper winding around reels, ascending through two stories of a building before being printed, folded, cut, dried, packed and dispatched all in three minutes

Attaya Projects I walked past a suited man with a long grey beard, top hat and walking stick, smoking a pipe and humming a song on Byker bridge

Attaya Projects Newcastle central station there was a council official trying his best so sound authoritative whilst handing out a fine to somebody who had dropped litter. Unfortunately, the council official was wearing a hearing aid and had that typical 'deaf person' speech impediment and wasn't doing a very good job.

Attaya Projects A man in a van. A big white van and little white cigarette, glowing, hanging from his lips.

Attaya Projects On the bus I saw the house where my friend used to live I havnt seen her in 10 years last year she had cancer ans lost all her lovely hair this year she ia getting better

Attaya Projects Trying again

Attaya Projects Sitting at her desk, she notices half a squashed mixed currant jam sandwich in the bottom of a canvas bag at her feet, reaches down to pick it up and quietly finishes her breakfast.

Attaya Projects Today I saw a tiny beautiful bug, a bit like a greenfly. Hanging in space in my car window. The sun shone through it and it became translucent.

Attaya Projects "It's not the braces coming off that makes me look different." a girl tells her friend, smiling.

Attaya Projects "It's not the braces coming off that makes me look different, it's the major operation." a girl tells her friend, smiling.

Attaya Projects Test 2

Attaya Projects Testing the automatic reply

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