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Oldham street



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Set free another monster that lives around Oldham St

mobile help Text OLDHAMST then your message to 07786 205 227

Which monsters live on Oldham Street? Start a text with Oldhamst then the monster's name and details

oldhamst The broken lid monster hides in the cafe and sneaks just between cups and plastic lids to force a dripping cup.

OLD M I am already on u. U are my carriage you passers-by. I M OLD Sniff me up I've gotta get out of here before it's too late.
MOOWEESEY a purple squidgy monster with fur measuring 15 inches. Friendly and silly creature with extra long arms for hugs and tickling.
mr fiend bad teeth, worse breath, even worse attitude. So ugly even his cornflakes try to crawl outta the bowl
small,dark,smelly and hides a wealth of secrets.not short of visitors,but no one ever stays long to talk to the monsters over tea and biscuits
Trokers small arms, big eyes, hairy head, fat back, fangs, long legs

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