You are a reporter. Think of something you've seen today. Describe what you saw. Remember the details that only a witness would know. Don't comment. Don't judge. Like this: "An old lady eating a fish. A fried fish on a white tray, no chips, in a doorway out of the rain, breaking bits off. Her pink bonnet like a film star’s." What you write will be completely anonymous. You can be as personal or intimate as you like. This is a record of things that have happened. It was started at Sandpit at Battersea Arts Centre on 19th October. You are not a historian.

Battersea Arts Centre, 5 Lavender Hill, SW11

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What happened today?

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What happened today?

when I had my breakfast looking out of the back of the house it was chucking it down, but now, looking out of the front, I can see blue sky.
I saw a dead pigeon
A girl on the tube going to work falls asleep on a man's shoulder. As soon as she realises she stands abruptly and gets off a stop early.
A car driving in the wrong direction down the m40 at 7pm
A girl moves to push her bike across the road. She sees a bus but doesn't stop. The bus hoots.
A little girl skipped along the platform at palmers green station and then jumped into her father's lap and sat on his knee.
A man in a stripy jumper pacing about, looking at his phone, then at a blackboard.
Ducks paddling on shallow light reflected water full of burnt red maple leaves. They hoped I had something for them but I was only eating oranges
A rude awakening. A rabbit, clinging to my leg like a leech. Sinking it's teeth into my leg. A dream. Wake up, it's time to go to work.
Ive just met eyes with a man across the room and Ive fallen in lust
A man with curly hair shouted at a girl for being immature. He asked her if she had a mental problem. She walked away; upset
An italian waiter repeatedly whistling the same christmas carol. His colleague shouts at him in angry italian but he carries on regardless
A man with a pushchair wasn't allowed on the bus this morning because a wheelchair was already there.
A computer-game design student looking perplexed, not understanding why other students can't believe he's never heard of Tetris.
A 15 year old boy in an RE lesson. He is manipulating his genitals. The teacher tells him to stop. "but i've got a wedgy sir."
A woman crossing the road.The light was red.she was wearing s grey skirt.Hands in Her pockets.never saw her face
I saw a workman's trench with a man face down in it. He was very still. I couldn't tell whether he was working or asleep.
A man in Hamleys with his face painted like a goblin, loading a bubble gun.
short blonde telling her friends she'd betrayed them. laughing and biting bottom lip, hunched up shoulders and a half turn away.
A train stops at Russel Square. The guard suggests the passengers get out to stretch our legs while we wait.

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