Belsize Local Area Forum had 10,000 pounds from Camden Council to spend on making the area a better place to live. Residents of Belsize could text in to explain what they thought the money should be spent on and why. At the meeting of the Belsize Local Area Forum on Tuesday 17 November 2009 all of the opinions received by text were included in the discussion, followed by a vote and the decision was made to give the money to the Winchester Project. This also reflected the balance text messages sent in, which are recorded here.

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How would you spend 10,000 pounds to improve Belsize and why?

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How would you spend 10,000 pounds to improve Belsize and why?

OPTION 5. I wanted to give my support to The Winchester Project and to say what a wonderful job they do. Lawrence and Mickey are fantastic football coac
Option 5 The Winchester Project is a very valued community centre serving many needs of the area's youth. It is important they receive as much funding a
the Winchester Project. . I do support family project . Is very useful for our children. My name is Shukrie .
the winch is a vital service in our community! It helps create positive self esteem f them , has creative activities. Chanels anti soc behaviour and
winchester project is a great project and has been in swiss cottage for as long is i can recall and i have been a Camden resident all my life, it would
the winch must be funded to keep our kids safe, secure with team sports not knife crime and post code gangs nick chair kentish town business association
option 5. The winchester project works hard for local kids and youth and keeps them safe and off the streets.
OPTION 5 the winchester project is a fantastic project we have worked in partnership for many years supporting and running sports provision for young pe
OPTION 5 The heartbeat of the community
OPTION 5. The winch is a great project that should provide its vital service for as long as it can. Thanks
OPTION 5. The Winchester Project is run by many brilliant people who care deeply about the local community, they put so much effort and time into all di
option 5. I'm 32 year old man who as a child didn't have much to do and if it wasn't for the wiimchestter giving a place to meet new and old friends I w
option 5.The Winch project is a fair,all equal,fun and efficient initiation reaching out to children of all ages with a caring loving professional staff
OPTION 5. We are 6 mums and we'r like to plead with you about giviog the Winch Project the funds so it could carrying the wonderful activities for the c
option 5 , My son has become a very social lad thanks to the staff and experiences he has had with the winchester project , a wonderful place
option. The should go to winchester project because of all the care and outreach they do for childern.
Winchester Project -does great work with local youth.
library study - as a mother of a 16 month old girl i would love the library to be open more and have improved facilities. Anna bernstein.
Option 5. I feel the winch should receive the funds. As this would support the project 2 provide much needed activites 2 young people who are at risk an
option 5 please. Keep kids off street and out of trouble. Give them guidance how 2 spend their time. Belsize library has alternatives: subsistence farmi

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