Cornerhouse is Manchester's international centre for contemporary visual arts and film.

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What is happening at the Cornerhouse?

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What is happening at the Cornerhouse?

city sanctuary

What do you do to escape from everyday life?

POI Moving Mapping Memory - great. Much lighter, cleverer and more comfortable touch with technology than i can remember in here. V nicely selected
Scooterous is a monster with two wheels instead of feet. If you find him you will soon be riding a scooter and wearing a crazy helmet.
3 Monkeys Brilliant about guilt, shifting sands, "struggling to survive", brutalness, badness and justice. Great direction in wordless scenes 7/10

Which cinema bad guy would make the best Prime Minister and why?

on thumbprint has an rss feed
wifi is usually pretty good now and at only a quid for lime and soda i feel a bit guilty sitting here but thats how a place becomes a creative hub

Thumb sized reviews from the Cornerhouse

Kapital, MIF. 1/10 Characters, storylines, dialogue, look and music of a channel 5 soap but probably cost more to make.
WEDGE I am in the space in-between. Je n'ai pas un pipe. Seek and ye shall find. You're all looking for something in here. See me, make me, be mine

Anyone seen Look Both Ways. Really sweet, well observed film. 1 star review in the Guardian. More proof their critic is awful. Any other examples?
Pans Labyrinth 9.5/10 Brilliant, richly colored harsh fairytale. Fascist Spain as a battle between an old and a vicious new religion. Best film of 2006?
Keane 4/10 Well meaning but films with characters who speak internal monologues out loud never convince
im downstairs drinking a cup of overpriced tea while writing a to do list for my day off. So many jobs, so little time.
crap wifi in here

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