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What was your best ever year and why?

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What was your best ever year and why?

morning nils a company send me a application form its will be great if you help me to fille it . Please. Sent me your email addres i forward the job application form please. Thank nene. you
afternoon, do you have any jobs available for immediate start ?
evening Nil, sorry for the late response, I have to work tomorrow so I'm afraid I can't join you. Doris
morning Julia, that sounds good, if it's not raining, hope to see you there.
morning and happy new year Can you please send me the address of meeting point at the peckham plex. Which room and floor as I have lost all my addresses on my phone thanks Elsa
morning Janine, am afraid I won't be able to attend today, my Agency called me for work today. Im so sorry but will be there tomorrow. Doris
morning I forgot my phone charger in the classroom last Wednesday Thank you Dorisilla
morning, I'm coming to the workshop but I'm going over in london for a brief interview and back, will be about half 10 - 11 if that's ok. Thank you Arlene
morning. I tried to call but no answer. I won't be able to attend the represent yourself workshop as I'm not I'm London at the moment. Victor
morning, I am on my way. I am running late for the reason that the street was closed therefore no buses coming. I hope to be there soon. Regards, Carolina G.
morning,is aminata,sorry I can't come,hospital appointment,I completely forgot about my appointment today,really sorry,is for my gloucoma,am really sorry thanks
morning Janine. This is Margaret Adedoyin. Can I come tomorrow to join in the training? As am in college today. Thanks
morning Joe Sarah here. On the bus mite be a little late please could you let Karen no. Many thanks Sarah B.
morning sir I am writing to you just to confirm as discussed regarding my work sheet for today to be available for work. Thanks Theo
morning sir I won't be able to make it to day I'm not feelwell thanks
morning it's just to say that I couldn't say or go for this event, like the other times because I'm without money in this moment and without pass. When i solve my situation i will let you know (I am trying now travel to Portugal when I receive the ticket and money, because like you know in this moment I'm not working). Thank you for understand my situation. Was good and i appreciate when I went there to assist the mini-courses and the Programme of employability.
morning janny my adviser said I will talk to my manger about child care I am wait her thank you
Evening Janine, I am sorry for not ringing you on time as I was not in the right location to speak.Beatrice
morning madam I can't come today because

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