Using all forms of media technology to connect people so that they can get things done for themselves in their neighbourhoods. Just for fun, ask yourself what is wrong with "social media", not right. The answers might be useful.

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What is wrong with social media?

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What is wrong with social media?

some people have a lack of boundaries mixing work and play and getting in a mess
it is so fast changing, where do u jump in?
People keep asking me awkward questions about it ;-)
Often people only see the online bit and forget about what it's for - building relationships, helping each other to get things done.
Social media makes communication seem easy, but it's difficult. What's easy is screwing it up.
at first glance it seems to take up more time than it saves
people have nota lot of knowledge.
too technical 4 sum people. Time consuming. What's wrong with talking!
not all can access it. May stimulate negative connotations of an organisation which you are not able to control.
not everyone takes part
all diffrnt design not all people av choice 2 use em eg visually impaired speech pkgs expeno
its too fragmented=confusion:-)
currently underused by many organisations
can feel that as social media becomes more important& widely used it can sometimes feel that so many activites are so often web based and not real world
it's far too complicated!
Issues of privacy and security for all especially young people.
unsure wot social media means
social media is wrong when abused by adults to prey on young people
Hello Thumbprint. Andy Wilson is a social media guru. :-)
People think it is technical so won't get involved :o) Mari.

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