Manchester is the capital of the alternative England.



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What is happening in Manchester?

mobile help Text MANCHESTER then your message to 07786 205 227

What is happening in Manchester?

great music scene. Get to the northern quarter before it goes

What is Manchester's greatest gift to the world?

its trying to snow in manchester tonight but not quite cold enough so no prettyness when we all wake up tomorrow

smells of Glaswegian lager wee
Hmmm... very cunning. Hadn't spotted that this would happen. Is this one of those infinite loops...manchester, manchester,...
Its work hard play hard better than you attitude
that finely grained rain that gets in under your collar and chills your bones.
best gift obviously mancunians!
OFFDAKOB Pea green midget, enemy of BRIQUOTH, puddle causer tempting rain with foundation holes to fill, disintegrating Briquoths roots of discontent
airs port to start a holiday in cyprus.
to Newcastle

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