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What is your escape from day to day life?

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What is your escape from day to day life?

god save the queen! Proud to be a british subject. Amy
go on baby h! U can do anything!
Hi Beast, love Fiend xxx
izzy i love you bud
Lynne brown I love u and your frindge love robbie x
The franco-brazil contingent...CarMiVal!
Look out for the women being held hostage by a giant squirrel in a teacup! From alice in wonderland.
well done chloe nan ands terry
konnichiwa shigetomi
No cuts! Make the bankers pay the deficit!
max libby and greg you're the best
- Guillerme, my favourite grandson, I love you, Vovo Val
- luis miguel, wherever you are, you are always in our hearts...
- Ju, I love you very much baby,You are the one...Mike
Hannah mosettig and corinne pardey IN LONDON best frends forever!
say hi 2 oli, steph, morgs n stu!
hello Fabian, Ludo and Pascal
Eid Mubarak
hurry up Claire we want cake!!! :-)
On the pavement outside the architects/Smiles breaking breath through the chill/Stumbling happily through the snow/Like soldiers breaking ranks on the b

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