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We are a not for profit community development organisation that supports communities to have a voice. We empower individuals and groups to tell their own stories and develop their own solutions. We work to increase the confidence of individuals, support learners to progress onto further education and training or employment and develop dialogue between communities and agencies to improve communities and public services.

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Local knowledge about Pvm

My first record was 24 Hrs from Tulsa by Gene Pitney
very interesting idea!!
what was the first record you bought
Hello. I'm looking forward to the twitter session as well
having a great time at the CR meetup!
hello everyone
I had cereal with celebrations chocolates on top. That's not what I usually have!
shredded wheat bites with kiwi and yoghurt and rice milk:) yum! Healthy start to the day!
A yogurt! I ate it when I got into work!
I had strawberry jam on wholemeal toast.
Michelle good to.hear from you
Great idea

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