Artists Davina Drummond and Daniel Wallis have collaborated with 20 young people from north-, south-, east- and west-London to make a new piece of artwork to be projected on to the side of The Royal Festival Hall. Some of the messages below became part of the artwork.

Southbank Centre, SE1 8XX




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Seen something beautiful?

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Seen something beautiful?

chabrouty vineyards and oak forests tranquil
a dolphin jumping over me as I sat on my surfboard
extrano mi familia pero londres es maravilloso
london by night. Reminds me how proud i am to have been born and raised go the most beautiful city in the world. There is no place like home. :-D
that aeroplane girl!
mauritius day and night
The mauritian guy who cant get his text on the screen.
meteor shower during Spiritualized set at leicester festival 2007
Evenings like this, mulled wine and fridays at home
The sun shining on things at the bottom of the sea
My friends laughing. HJK.
Looking out over greenwich park with the sunset, knowing i had fallen in love with the person beside me
I think davina is the most beautiful thing ever
My baby niece on the day she was born
proper darkness.
the stone circle at dawn
Liams bum on a bright morning
my puppy dog's face
The magpie follows the saint who shields the moth from the riverside.
danes hill devon

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