Artists Davina Drummond and Daniel Wallis have collaborated with 20 young people from north-, south-, east- and west-London to make a new piece of artwork to be projected on to the side of The Royal Festival Hall. Some of the messages below became part of the artwork.

Southbank Centre, SE1 8XX




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Seen something beautiful?

a pint of bitter
The mauritian guy who cant get his text on the screen.
snow in london
all the southbank centre technicians, every single last one of them
That HOT Girl from the US.
the stars in the Venezuelan sky
10 days pc. Can't wait coz i Love you x
the great dinosaur invasion of 1969
THE Diversity in London
the lights of london seen from southbank bridge.
The c11 , When it finally comes...
Starbucks latte
Brentside- Alice , Adana, Tanisha, Chanel
the clearest blue water.
geek is the word!
the faces of happy children
dolphins dancing at the bow of my boat
Victoria Falls

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