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Ridgeway, Huddersfield, Kirklees HD5 9, UK

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Local knowledge about Dalton

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Local knowledge about Dalton

I have no idea.
it means to me that if life was as smooth as a sea like that, life would be boring, also it means the more challenges u face in life the more experienced u r in life
absolutely nothing.
Iphone, apple macs, laptops, desktops, hd tv's, blackberrys,
the song is what a wonderful world and it reminds me of my grandad
I was scared of the dark
as a really small child I was scared of spiders
it was wen I went to greece for my auntys wedding
my jeans. Love em. Tracies are for chavs
my favourite are my jeans cos they go with anything and are fashionable
spending the whole day with my family doin summat fun
my perfect saturtday would be disney land florida. :) just because I'm a big kid
my sixth birthday party at the fun factory on manchester road. It was fun! :)
my earliest memory is off my first day at nursery and gettin to meet all those new people
I escape by just simply playing games that distract me from everything such as the sims.
I escape from day to day life by going to my bedroom and just relaxing and putting on a dvd and just making time for myself.
I have learnt the most off my mum she has taught ne all the life skills and manners that I require for wen I am independent
parents. About life and what shit it brings you
'I turned my music down because I thought he was in bed. Now I'm going to turn it up.
what time does big brother start?

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