FREE MANCHESTER'S MONSTERS! Monsters are set free as soon as you conjure them up. Visit the MySpace site to read the story of Manchester's monsters, and use Thumbprint by text message to find or set free monsters when you are out and about in the city.

Tib St



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Set free another monster that lives around Tib St.

mobile help Text TIBST then your message to 07786 205 227

DOGface sits on old pants and scares hen parties by describing how continental philosophy is a misnomer.then he sicks up pans.
gregory has one eye, four knees, large lips and a small monkey attatchd 2 his neck. He is puse in colour and has a robin hood hat bt no ears xx
Mark my beloved monster is tough. We go every where together. Wearing a rain coat that has 4 sleeves it gets us through all kinds of weather.

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