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Leave a message for the team at Thumbprint City

That's brilliant. Will do. We are well thanks and now grandparents.
hello from Ordsall. We have been thinking of reviving a texting circle for climate change and wondered if you were still going? We still have people looking at the Facebook page.
Using thumbprint for our conference. Could we have a map for M5 $BR and our question hasn't gone out yet. Is there a time delay?
Hi - having prob with sending msgs. I can sent msg to one mailing list but another? Pls help. Thanks
HI cud do with askin a few questions about tpc? Not fully certain about the web site info. Can we ave a chat? Stef
Ordsall here. We seem to have run out of credit on our page. We want to get started on a new Salford project. Can you help? Mike Scantlebury
Andrew - Ordsall here. We need more credit to send out some new Salford messages. Can you help our new project?
Really enjoyed Andrews talk at Electroville event today. Set up our TBC account as soon as I got back to the office. Marcia Primary Colours.
thurs 23
I like the new look of the site! PF

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