You are a reporter. Think of something you've seen today. Describe what you saw. Remember the details that only a witness would know. Don't comment. Don't judge. Like this: "An old lady eating a fish. A fried fish on a white tray, no chips, in a doorway out of the rain, breaking bits off. Her pink bonnet like a film star’s." What you write will be completely anonymous. You can be as personal or intimate as you like. This is a record of things that have happened. It was started at Sandpit at the Victoria and Albert Museum on 26th March 2010. You are not a historian.

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What happened today?

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What happened today?

am quite down today. might have screwed up my big chance to stay in london for the next few years
Twenty or thirty cravans parked in a field next to a pond. As many fishermen as caravans sat round the pond. What do their wives do all weekend?
A small dark haired girl sitting on the opposite platform carefully eats a crumbly seed bar by breaking bits off while a white bull terrier with a pink stom
today i realised tt u never truly know yr friend or other half till u travelled or lived with them. tt's when the dirty, ugly habits come out to play
the same blackbird as yesterday, with a bright orange beak, pecking the mossy ground in a patch of sunlight that doesnt last.
someone texted me to ask me who i am and ended up chatting via text
The room is filled with ceramics. Someone has put some glass bottles in the kiln. They come out like flattened sculpture. The mirror is covered in shells an
I saw a man get hit by a bus in the city. Pool of blood with a man perched inside.
2 tall dark haired guys on the victoria line. Both in dark green trench coats with long greasy hair laughing at each others jokes.
A woman in a long lace dress pauses outside a sandwich shop, before continuing her journey
Girl looks at the mirror as her hair is cut off. More then half of it. A change. She deviates her look a thousand times way. Looks at the mirror other thous
In the parlour, I've seen one man stuff a ball of wool down another mans stripey jumper. Much hilarity ensued as the second man and his friends struggled to
I was going to walk here today but thought that would be a little pedestrian so I took the bus
The arancini man said we had met before
We have seen two little worms - one of them a sea worm - who have a camera and go around doing the reporters! Be careful not to reveal a secret.
Someone asked me if I was alright as they walked past, to suddenly fall in to a pit of doom.
Chiara discovered she liked iced latte today while she tried mine in starbucks :)
budget ball is netball for accountants... So the man said upstairs
Victim of success: A large number of people visited the v&a this eve, ready for exciting and silly games. However most of them spent their time queuing inst
District Line service was stopped between Earls Court and Wimbledon this afternoon due to people on the tracks at Parsons Green

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