Brookvale Park

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- looks like we missed the friends of Brookvale meeting last week. I thought it was on Tuesday 14th. Can you let me know the website and next meeting. Thanks. Angela and Martin Sharp.
lovely park but unacceptable amount of dog excrement. I live on Lakeside Walk and often see people letting their dogs do poops and not pick it up. There is a threat of a fine which needs to be acted upon in order to be an effective deterrent. I have young children and I am worried by the threat of disease due to faecal contamination. I would also like to see lads on mini-motos etc have their bikes confiscated mainly because they could easily kill a child playing in the park. Having said all that, it is a lovely place to come and the kids love the playground.
in birmingham .not very good this
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looking forward to making a valentines gift on the 9th
there's something strange happening, there are monsters here!