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Same Skies collective West Yorkshire has several centres with big identities, Bradford, Hebden Bridge and more, not one dominant centre. How can we make this into creative strength and be a network not a hierarchy?

Same Skies collective A campaign to sort out city-region wide public transport. I often have to pay £8.70 to make a 19 minute journey for a one hour meeting. If you want to travel between places across the city-region but not through Leeds, forget it, it's torture. How can we make links between people and share ideas, innovation and enterprise when journeys are so horrible? Civic and business leaders need to step forward courageously and back a broad campaign that goes all the way to Whitehall, Westminster and The City of London if needs be.

Same Skies collective Strategic alliances between political parties (Green, Labour, Liberal, etc) to get candidates elected at local and parliamentary level who support the values of Power to the North. Elected institutions are a necessary part of change.

Same Skies collective Need to look at establishing local public banks like the German Sparkasse model. Lending to local SMEs and co-operatives and motivated by public benefit to local community. Providing safe and cheap banking to local authorities who benefit from profits. Not run by politicians but by public servants proud to work for public benefit for a salary (no bonus culture in public banks). Public banks are 25% of banking worldwide. Int'l speakers at public banking conference in Manchester Feb 20th. Regards Marie McCahery

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