Yorkshire messages

Made in Huddersfield Today I saw complete fog and mist outside of the kitchen window , usually there would be hills but today just complete fog and mist and nothing else, very unusual as I was not expecting this as I am from the city and have moved up north onto a hilk

Made in Huddersfield An old lady eating a fish. A fried fish on a white tray, no chips, in a doorway out of the rain, breaking bits off. Her pink bonnet like a film star's.

Bibliotherapy Kirklees Thanks for getting back in touch

MENtors I like The Station Tavern, now it's being done up. Very grand!

MENtors Castle hill, its so quiet

MENtors I had porridge and a big pot of tea! It's autumn!

MENtors Absolutely nothing

MENtors Thank Bev, very wise words!

MENtors Excellent

Newsome I will

Newsome Hi Diane Sorry I can't make the allotment today. I have a bad hip which is v painful despite the medication. Now awaiting GP apt. Hope to be with you all again v soon.lv Carol x

Newsome Hi folks Just enjoying Forces day here at Plymouth with Mary. Will join you next week lv Carol x

Newsome Are you at home or still at Sonia's? We are out at marsden at the moment but it's a bit too cold to go in the water so they are climbing trees now . Sent a pic on what's app.

Newsome What time do you want me to be there?

Newsome Thanx, hav 20 family coming bt sounds great ta 4 text jude

Newsome Sorry.visiting G'kids in London for w'end. Lv Carol x

Newsome Thanx 4 text away on hols :-)

Newsome Plan on coming 2 help out.

Fresh Horizons Manual handling sorry cant do due to work and family judith

Fresh Horizons Hi why have I got this text thsnks. Judith

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