Bibliotherapy Kirklees

RAYS is the Reading and You Service

Huddersfield, Kirklees HD1 2RS, UK

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Bibliotherapy in Kirklees

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Bibliotherapy in Kirklees

Thanks for getting back in touch
u feel a goal is reachable you should keep going in the end we all reach the gates of heaven
a good holiday
it. Wrote a similar quote last week. Hope you had a good holiday julie. Julie x
Julie. Still loving your texts, they are full of motivation. Have a nice break. Julie x
that one.... "We must let go our regrets and learn from our mistakes to enable personal growth not against each our sakes" Julie x
Biblio. Pause a minute, let the mind take its photograph of the bright scene; something to wear against the heart in the long cold.
that julie from yesterdays class at dewsbury hospital? X
shall I compare thee to a pig?
is customised response changed
test message