Hoot is an arts and health organisation that offers a range of opportunities for people to get involved in music, dance, and other creative activities as a way of improving physical and emotional well being.

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Hi its Kate reed 07969440901
snippets of thought provoking wisdom happily received, but more adventures joining in creating new stuff (group text poetry etc) more exciting. Hope to hear more!
I have, absence realy can make the heart grow fonder. I'd like more interaction with u tho.
I thought you had cast me aside like a sweet wrapper
I have ! I'm so pleased to have been involved with it. I have kept a selection of the texts on my phone and read them regularly - they continue to be uplifting and inspiring. Sue Lovidge@
I have. X
thanks. Sally
the air is thick with bird song and a single propeller small air craft. I can see a quiet suburban cross roads through the branches of a sycamore tree.
fantastic quote today Hoot, thank you
I can see tangly brambles and giant rosehips; the woodpigeons are calling me over the wall - tu tuu tu tu - into my woods, full of cowboys and indians, tigers, and the thrill of our secret den
A member of my family, maybe a friend or neighbour, sunshine, trees, flowers, grass, cows in the field. Quiet - the odd car, but mainly country noises :) @
tech test andy n51
I see my back garden with vegetable patch-I remember the purple sprouting broccoli which I liked to eat raw,I hear my Mum bakin
i c th gardn,my pigeon loft birds of manycolors cooing,crooning,flying,blue sky,sun,spring,country village and its sounds. peter i
a large horse chestnut tree, blackbirds singing, traffic
looking out if my bedroom window over our huge garden, with the Apple tree, the raspberries, the rhubarb, the swings. Hearing the sounds of my house, the constant flow of 5 people, moving, loving and arguing
A big green valley.
I see the lead diamonds on the glass. A few cars parked. People goin in and coming out of Mrs Parkins corner shop making the bell on the door "TING". Overcast sky, manicured gardens, dreary pavements, a kid bombing along on his bike and "Tea's ready love! from behind me.
10morning yawns brought 10smiles to the 10postmen under 10trees with 10birds at each tree tweet 10melodies down to the 10gardens with 10kinds of flowers now i am sure am 10@
The deepest, whitest snow I had ever seen, the dark skies lit up by the moons reflections of the white filled road, all the older children, sledding throwing snow balls and screaming with joy of the cold winters flakes, sitting wishing I could join them, but knowing when I was older I'd be doing the same and knowing a child would be watching me wishing and feeling the same.

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