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Awh thanks laura. Will never forget u. Dont know if you know but i wwas diagnosed wwith parkinsons... but being involved with the group helped alot wirh commin to terms with a life long disease. Good luck in what eveer it is ur gunna b doing now. Xxx
Hi Laura. Are you leaving then? Tim
You've sent that one before. Try to keep up. Hope you're ok. Tim
Hi is sami. Cant get in 2day. Soz. No dosh.
Pls ad me its carolyn! X
Like it Laura I try not ta give anybody the chance but they still get through innit !
I do believe that your only in the shade reason you dont see that beautiful blue sea is we dont look on the horizon and whats beneath us thank you
Ain't that the truth my sis slated me to my mum just to gain points :(
Really like that one Laura, is so very true, thanks, nancy :)
So true, they r bullies! N best way 2 show bullies dont matter is 2 show em u dont care and ignore em! Cx
I have just had a bad day and that has cheerd me up thank you
Thanks ì needed that
It rained very heavily today
Ha so tru 4 me tday laura
Hi i dont think that way i know my emotions are deep i would never wish to lose what ì have found thank you
Cheers lifeline
you i do believe i can be the person i always was always there for others as now now others are there too
reit there an am choosing ta bi me, am not 100% sure who me is yet but am choosing it anyway. Thanks for that Mate x
feel week, but want 2 b strong!

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