How to add messages

Texting a page

Each page has its own unique code. For example, the Thumbprint City Contacts page has TPC as its code.

So, to send a message to this page, pick up your mobile phone and start writing a text message. Put TPC as your first word (it doesn't have to be in capital letters), leave a space and then write the message. Text this to 07786 205 227 and you're finished.

If you go and look at the Thumbprint City Contacts page you should see your message at the top of the list. If it isn't there wait a few seconds and look again - the mobile phone networks usually take just a few seconds to pass on your message.

Using the web page

Each Thumbprint City page also has a text box which web users can use to add their messages. Users need to be signed up with us to do this.

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