Case Studies

How are people using Thumbprint City?

Here are a few examples of imaginative and innovative uses of Thumbprint City.

Using Thumbprint City to Get People Involved in Local Democracy

"We are 6 mums and we'd like to plead with you about giving the Winch Project funds so it could carry on the wonderful activities for the children. Please as it is the only chance for all low income families. Please."

Councillors Alexis Rowell and Tom Simon used Thumbprint City in Camden to involve as many people as they could in a participatory budgeting process.

Download the complete document (119kb PDF)

Using Thumbprint City to Take Part in Art in Public Spaces

"Luis miguel, wherever you are, you are always in our hearts..."

Battersea town centre manager Lorinda Freint took Thumbprint City, a whiteboard and a marker pen onto the Fourth Plinth to create her own art event that everyone in Trafalgar Square could take part in as well.

Download the complete document (400kb PDF)

Using Thumbprint City to Consult Local People

"Plz keep da library open even wen da work on da extention starts v r begin u"

Staff at Manningham Library in Bradford used Thumbprint City to ask users what they would like to see in their new community library.

Download the complete document (42kb PDF)

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